Opus Innovations develops sustainable personal care and eco-living products where people, animals and planet come first!

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An electrolysed water cleanser / sanitiser that harnesses the power of nature to keep us clean and safe from birth.
Our growing range of My Happy Planet products aim to push boundaries when it comes to products that contain plastic. We strive to ensure our products are as environmentally sustainable as possible, using 100% recycled materials where we can.
GenieWipes Logo No Strapline On White
100% biodegradable and compostable premium quality compressed towel wipes. Simply add water to create the purest eco wipe on the planet!

Sustainable toilet rim blocks in 6 delightful fragrances made using biodegradable soaps, 90% less plastic and packaged in FSC certified cardboard boxes.

Ultrasonic and ULV fogging devices that utilise electrolysed water to eradicate up to 99.999% of harmful viruses (including Coronavirus) from the air.

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